Monday, January 18, 2010


Now I'm a little embarrassed when I see how long it's been since I've updated this blog. While day to day life has gone by during this time, I now have 2 pieces of news. The first (and most exciting) is that I'm going to be a grandma! I've known for a while, but my daughter and her husband have made the news public on their blogs so now I can share. Of course, this means that I can knit lots of cute little clothes! I've started on a couple things, but I'll wait to share until the projects are a little further along.

The other interesting new development is my Ashford rigid heddle loom. I've had it now for about a year, but I got a stand for it for Christmas from my husband and it is so much more comfortable to use now that it's not sitting in my lap. I also recently got the book Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom by Betty Linn Davenport. This is a great book for working with the rigid heddle loom. It has so many patterns! I've always liked stitch pattern books for knitting , and this is one for my loom. I keep mentally going through my yarn stash thinking of new ideas from just looking through this book. My plan of action is to work my way through the book, creating projects from the patterns in the book. I just finished the table runner above in a weft pickup pattern. The yarn was Lily's Cotton and Cream, and the weft float pattern gave the runner just a little extra zing. I think the pattern worked well with the self striping yarn. Next up are samples with warp float patterns. If they turn out, I'll post them here.