Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lollygagging Around

I used this word at my work the other day, as in "we aren't very busy today, and I'm just lollygagging around", and I was told by an older man that I must have learned this word from my grandma. I suppose I did, but it's a fun word, one that I like to use. It pretty much explains the state of my mind today. I do have to work, but not until 11:30, so this morning is pretty much lollygagging time. Not enough time for a project, to much time to be in a hurry.

Maybe this lollygagging is reaction to the stress the last couple of weeks. My daughter got married about 2 weeks ago, in a beautiful, fun wedding. There was a little rushing around just before her wedding to get things done, hems on dresses and flowers cut from gardens (and train tracks) on the morning of the wedding, but all in all I think the wedding ceremony went off as my daughter and my (now) son-in-law wanted. The weather was beautiful for an outdoor ceremony, and there was lots of friends and family attending. You can see pictures on my daughter's blog copperheart.

Sadly, not everything happening lately is happy. My father died before the wedding, when he fell off a ladder doing home repairs. He probably had no business up on a ladder, being 75 years old and on blood thinners, but he wanted the painting done his way, so there he was on a ladder. It was a very sudden and very untimely death. Everyone in my family will miss him greatly and I would like to thank everyone who thought of us and supported us after his death.

I have been doing some knitting and spinning, now that "The Dress" is done, but that will have to wait for another post, cause I have to get ready for work, and stop all this lollygagging around.

(Okay, one wedding picture)