Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day off!

It's so nice to have an unplanned day off. This one would have been a half day at work, because I work Saturday, but since I worked 3 hours extra on Monday, it became a full day off. And what did I do with this free time, why fiber stuff of course! It was a pretty productive fiber day if I do say so myself. The first order of business was working on my daughter's wedding dress. If you have seen her blog copperheartdesigns, you know that she is getting married this summer, and she is doing most of the decorations herself. It's going to be a very artistic, very cool wedding. I volunteered to make her wedding dress. I hope that's a decision that won't come back to bite me in the butt. She picked out a fairly simple pattern for a sleeveless tea length dress with a gathered cross over bodice and bias skirt. It has a fairly wide waist band and ties. The main fabric is a light cotton with a white on white pattern of paisley and flowers. My daughter picked out a bright peacock or sea blue for the waistband and ties to contrast with the main fabric. It's a bias cut, so it took a little fiddling to get the patterns pieces lined up properly which took a while. I cut out the main fabric, but my back couldn't take any more bending over the kitchen table, so I quit for the day. I do have some time before the wedding.

I also got quite a bit of spinning done today. I finished two more skeins of some mystery roving I've stashed for a while.I still have the rest of the roving ball in the picture to finish . I hope to have enough yarn for a sweater for me when it's all spun. I bought the roving several years ago at the Wisconsin spin-in, and I can't remember what booth I bought it at, or what kind of wool it is. It spins really easily with a long draw so it's short fibered, and it isn't soft like merino so I think it's probably from a down sheep breed. It's very bouncy after it's washed though. I have a v-neck cardigan that I made for myself years ago that has seen better days, and I think I'll use this yarn to make a sweater to replace it.
2nd Useless piece of information
I am the one who named our dog Nimrod, and now I'm sorry 'cause he acts like a (sigh) nimrod.